Sharia Council Ⓗ™

•This letter is written to confirm that we each recognize: (1) ATIP Worldwide Organizations, Inc. (AWO) as the sole creator, owner and custodian, and (2) ATIP Halal Management, LLC (ATIP Halal) as the sole proprietary license holder to implement, the highest, most encompassing and only approved international Circle H (Ⓗ™) trademark and brand of Halal certification and Sharia Standards for Halal;

•We each declare and hold Ⓗ™ and ATIP Standards for Halal, as owned, promulgated and managed by AWO and implemented commercially through ATIP Halal, to be the sole, exclusive and premier accepted and respected universal legal and moral standard and authoritative rulings of Halal Sharia compliance and adherence (called, ATIP Global Halal Standards), including within and across all eight (8) lifestyle sectors of food, finance, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, tourism, fashion, media/entertainment and healthcare (Sectors), for the entire Muslim World (Global Halal World);

•We each recognize and endorse the unique, essential and reliable value of AWO, ATIP Halal, their respective international, regional and local representatives, the  Ⓗ™ proprietary symbol and brand, and ATIP Global Halal Standards to the moral, health, welfare and economic development of the Global Halal World across all Sectors; and,

•We each remain an active and ongoing participant and supporter in the development, circulation, dissemination, implementation and worldwide primary acceptance of the ATIP Global Halal Standards, including through the AWO Sharia Advisory Council. 

 Darul Ifta Australia 
Darul Ifta Australia 
Mufti Faisal Reda
 Muslim World League
Muslim World League
Sheikh Mansour bin Abdul Rahman Al - Barghash
 Organization of Islamic Co-operation
Organization of Islamic Co-operation
Yousef bin Ahmed Al-Uthaymeen
 Fiqh Council of North America
Fiqh Council of North America
Hussein Hamed Hassan
 Council of Senior Scholars KSA 
Council of Senior Scholars KSA 
Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah Al-Sheikh.
 Al-Azhar Al-Sharif
Al-Azhar Al-Sharif
Ahmed EL Taeeb
 Dar Aftea Malaysia
Dar Aftea Malaysia
Sheikh Zulkafl al-Bakri

1- Prof. Dr. Abbas Abdallah Abbas Sulaiman Shouman, Chairman of the Sharia Board for the Rakha Fund at the United Bank
2- Prof. Dr. Mohammed Nabil Ghanayem, Chairman of the General Sharia Board at the United Bank
3- Prof. Dr. Abdel-Hadi Zarie, Scientific Supervisor of the Fatwa Committee in Al-Azhar
4- Prof. Dr. Saeed Amer, Assistant Secretary of the Islamic Research Academy in Al-Azhar
5- Prof. Dr. Sabry Abdel-Raouf Mohammed, Dean of the Faculty of Islamic Studies – Girls Section in Al-Azhar University
6- Dr. Abdullah bin Mohammed AlYahya, former Secretary General of the Supreme Judicial Council "President of the Court of Appeal"
7- Prof. Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Mohammadin Al-Shanqeety, Former Dean of the School of Graduate Studies at Naif Arab University
8- Prof. Dr. Iyad Ahmed Ibrahim, former Dean of the Faculty of Criminal Justice
9- Dr. Marwan bin Musalit Al-Baqmi. Dar Al Uloom University in Riyadh, Assistant Secretary General for Lawyers Affairs in the Kingdom
10- Dr. Abdul-Aziz bin Saud Arab, Member of the Saudi Fiqh Association and Associate Professor of Fiqh at Taif University
11- Dr. Majed Marzouq Al-Kharrasi, Professor of International Law at King Saud University
13- Prof. Walid bin Rashid bin Saeedan, Retired university professor from Dalam Scientific Institute

1- Dr. Abdullah Roshdy
2- Sheikh Dr. Mohammed bin Abdul-Rahman Al-Oraify, Member of the Association of Muslim Scholars and also a Member of the Supreme Commission for Human Development of the Muslim World League
3- Sheikh Ibrahim bin Shayaa Al-Hugiel, Retired member of the Supreme Judicial Council
4- Dr. Fahad Ali Al-Qahtani, Lawyer and international arbitrator
5- Dr. Hazem Abdel-Rahim Sabah Al-Kilany
6- Dr. Mohammed Al-Sayed Mostafa Al-Hanbali
7- Dr. Omar Mohammed Roshdy Mohammed
8- Dr. Hisham Al-Sayed Al-Janayni
9- Dr. Ahmed Al-Hadi Al-Saeed
10- Dr. Fadel Mohammed Selim
11- Dr. Abdel-Fattah Ahmed Abu Kila

1- Al-Azhar AlSharif
2- The General Secretariat for Fatwa Authorities Worldwide (GSFOW)
3- Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions
4- Arab Industrial Development and Mining Organization
5- Islamic Financial Services Council
6- Organization of Islamic Cooperation
7- Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Standardization Organization
8- Standards and Metrology Institute for Islamic Countries (SMIIC)
9- Islamic University in Uganda
10- Islamic Institute for Development & Research (IIDR)

ATIP Halal is partnering With Quick-Wins consulting, a worldwide consulting firm, In order to provide technical experts for each sector for the sake of developing Halal Products, auditing & assessing Halal certified bodies, technical training and consulting for Halal certified companies.